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*There are two types of citizenship programmes in Cyprus;

         – Citizenship by investment

         – Citizenship by contribution to government

* The Cyprus citizenship programme is advantageous by being the easiest and shortest citizenship programme after Dominica

 Program  Citizenship by investment Citizenship by Government Bonds and Real Estate

Total Fee


Minimum capital: €2.500.000

Total: €3.100.000


Minimum capital for real estate: €500.000

The amount for government bonds: €5.000.000


  Duration –          Preparation time is 6 weeks.

–          Approval in principle taken at week 9.

–          Official approval and the passport taken week 18, after 9 weeks of the approval in principle.

–          The total duration of the application is 6 months.

*National holidays of the countries are not included to the total duration

        Advantages –          Residence permit is not necessary.

–          It is the easiest and shortest citizenship programme after Dominica.

–          Free travel within 157 countries including Canada, EU countries and UK.

–          Dual citizenship is allowed.

–          There is not a requirement of minimum stay in the country before or after the passport taken.

 Withdrawal Penalty In case of a withdrawal after the citizenship application, countries might not do refund.

Withdrawal penalty: €3.100.000

*Nota Bene: Additional expenses could occur during the document and archive procedures. The amount paid for investment, real estate and government bonds will have a turnover after a determined time.