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Creatign a Bank Account

When it comes to openning a bank account, there are some qualities to be taken into consideration such as quality of the company, capital amount and other possible qualifications. Prae Global is here to help you!

Openning a bank account in Estonian banks

You can apply to open a company account in any Estonian Bank. You should keep in mind that locak banks might check if the company has an Estonian employee or a person who has a valid resident permit in Estonia and if not, local banks may reject your application.

Openning a bank account in a European bank outside  of Estonia

You can apply to open a bank account in a European Union country other than Estonia. With that account, you can carry out your commercial operations even if your company is in Estonia.

Our team would be happy to support you! We can open a bank account in a different European country for the company which we established for you in Estonia. Your bank account can be in a different country while your company in Estonia. This difference does not lead any obstacles for your company’s operations , on the contrary, many entrepreneurs and e-commerce firms prefer that seeing the benefits of European Union.

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