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Accounting Service

Each company manager knows that it is not enough to increase market share present in the conditions of competition of our days and that costs and expenses should be decreased. Accounting services which companies can receive externally might be an option. These services are preferable because of the fact that companies can avoid to pay monthly salary for an accountant or to buy necessary costly accounting software. Moreover, adaptation of a company’s internal changes to total accounting expenses is much easier. As Prae Legal, we are here for your every need!

Basic Accounting Services by Prae Legal:

  • Accounting procedures according to Estonian Law and accounting applications
  • Verification and entry of accounting proofs into the database (Ledger, Journal)
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Payrolls
  • Purchase and sale ledger
  • Connection of the accounts with authorized person for reports
  • VAT accounting and making tax returns
  • Getting outputs from accounting records
  • Making tax returns for tax accounting and internal revenue service (IRS)
  • Notes created with tax return
  • Preparing statistic reports
  • Preparing cost reports
  • Preparing business trip reports
  • Other accounting reports if needed
  • Express service charges (Balance sheet, income table, other reports)
  • Preparing spreadsheet

Information on Estonian Tax System

Estonian tax system has low rates and is easy enough. Moreover, Estonia has tax agreements with nearly 50 countries through which it presents various tax reductions. Business people who would like to benefit from this reduction should provide their documents to tax offices until 10th day of the payment.

Qualities of Estonian Tax System

  • Tax calculation is quite simple and has low rates
  • Flat tax rate is 20% for both person and company
  • Since 2000, company interest held within the company is excluded from tax!
  • Electronical tax management system is quite functional
  • Standard VAT rate is 20%, reduced rate is 9%

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