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Global Trade Volume of Poland

Poland, a medium-sized European country, has considerable economic potential. Due to the increase in GDP, its share in the world economy has also risen in recent years. As a result of privatization in the country, Central European countries have the largest foreign capital investment in the country. Poland is the only European country that has shown positive growth in recent years for reasons such as the uninterrupted expansion of foreign capital, continued infrastructure investments, and the impact of consumption spendings on the financial crisis. Since 2016, PraeGlobal has played an active role in Poland, which has maintained a successful export performance behind the increase in GDP.

South Korean Economic Data

2016a 2017a 2018b 2019b 2020b
Population (million) 37,97 37,97 37,96 37,94 37,92
Per capita GDP ($) 12,411 13,823 16,180 17,130 18,045
GDP (billion $) 741,22 524,89 614,19 649,97 684,26
Current account balance (billion $) -1,37 0,25 -5,39 -7,91 -9,83
Export ($) 196,5
Import ($) 188,5
Jobless rate
Foreign trade volume 385
Inflation rate (CIP, annual change %) -0,58 1,98 2,52 2,55 2,50

General Economic Structure

The Poland economy entered a productive period with the 2000s. It doubled its GDP compared to 2004. This increase was reflected in per capita income. The Polish government has struggled with unemployment and managed to reduce unemployment with the help of foreign investors.

Trade Qualities

  1. Agriculture and Stock Raising

    The importance of agriculture in the country is very great. However, the share of agricultural sector in GDP was 4%. The share of agricultural sector in total employment is also falling from year to year. Poland has an important place in Europe and the world in the production of some agricultural products. Poland, the European winner in Apple production, is second in the world and Europe in the production of rye, raspberry and grapes.  Onions, strawberries, potatoes, wheat, sugar beets, pork and milk production ranked among the top ten in the world. 61% of the country’s surface area is agricultural area. Livestock farming in Poland is not as good as agriculture. Pork and cattle are the most important sources of livestock.

  2. Industry

    Mainly engaged in the production of iron and steel in modernized facilities in the south of the country to provide inputs to shipbuilding, automotive and infrastructure construction. In particular, there is a foreign capital-intensive side industry that supports the automotive sector. The largest manufacturer of LCD screens in the EU. In the aviation industry, there is the production of helicopters and light aircraft.

  3. Mining

    The main mining products in Poland are lead, zinc, copper, silver and coal, which are the producers of good quality hard coal and lignite according to European standards. Mining and quarrying accounted for 4.9% of industrial production. In Poland, 533 thousand tons of copper and 1,215 tons of silver are produced annually.

  4. Building

    In Poland, where many construction companies have been privatized, housing, home, office and hotel constructions in large cities have also opened new business areas. The cement sector is also a major exporter in Poland’s construction sector.

  5. Transportation and Telecommunications

    The advancement of technology and the technological infrastructure are significantly improved in the large cities of Poland, while national communication is effective and inadequate in rural areas. In Poland, where 96 companies operate for fixed-line telecommunications, approximately 85% of the market is a national operator.

  6. Energy

    The country’s main energy source is coal. There are 20 power plants and 52 thermal power plants in the country. Annual electricity production is 162 TWh. 30% of natural gas is imported from the Russian Federation in the country. Petroleum and natural gas imports are balanced with the export of anthracite. Poland has increased investment in renewable energy sources in recent years. There are many foreign capital investments in wind energy. The Polish government has announced that it will begin production of nuclear energy by 2020.


Situation affecting Poland Economy

The most important factor affecting the economy is Poland’s full membership in the European Union. During the period following its membership, significant improvements have been made in the areas of raising living standards, modernizing the economy and reducing unemployment. Trade with EU countries increased by 70% after full membership.

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