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Establishing a Company in Estonia

Once you complete your e-Residency proceedings and get your ID card, you are now ready to establish your company in Estonia.

As PraeLegal, we provide all the necessary services to establish your company and to follow up with essential proceedings so that all you have to do be sit back and profit from the freedom of managing your global EU trusted business from anywhere in the world.

  • Şirket KurulumuFair tax system; 0% corporate income tax as long as you keep your profit earned in the company or reinvest it into growing your business. Moreover, there is a flat 20% tax on individual income which does not apply to personal dividend income
  • Full remote control; you can fully manage your company from all around the world, access to your bank and services securely regardless of your location
  • Presence in a trusted environment; as an Estonian company, you will be a member of EU market along with EU business community
  • No obligation of travel; you do not have to travel in Estonia for company establishment or sign your documents
  • Paperless administration; sign, authenticate, transmit or verify your document online

It is generally difficult for companies in the world to access needed services or means to grow or even if they do, they can not guarantee the security of their services at the requested level by their clients. However, through an Estonian company, entrepreneurs can benefit from EU legal framework and access to various fintech services.

Application for Creating Company


Şirket Kurma