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Global Trade Volume of Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, where the working population is estimated to be around 15 million and the distribution of labour force by sectors is composed of agriculture (80%), services (10%), and industry sector (10%). PraeGlobal plays an active role in Afghanistan.

Agriculture and animal husbandry play an important role in the economy of Afghanistan. In animal husbandry, especially sheep and goat farming are done. However, modern methods are not used in animal husbandry.

Industrial production is based on furniture, soap, fertilizer, handmade carpets, shoes, oil, copper, coal, natural gas, marble, and small-scale textile enterprises. In a country where literacy is low, it is at a very low rate of 30% and skilled labour shortage is being drawn.

Afghanistan, rich in natural resources, has rich oil, natural gas and coal deposits. It has gold, salt, copper, iron, limestone, marble and clay deposits.

Afghanistan Economic Data

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Population (million) 30,7 31,73 32,76 33,74 34,66 36,8
Gross Domestic Product ($) 669,01 631,74 612,07 584,03 561,78 572,16
Economic Growth (Gross Domestic Product, annual change %) 20,54 20,5 20,5 19,7 19,47 21,06
Export (million $) 14,4 2,0 1,3 1,1 2,2 2,5
Import (million $) 290 239 203 174 155 187
Jobless rate 6,5 10,7 16,5 11,8 9,3 7
Inflation Rate (consumer price index, annual change %) 8,7 8 8,5 8,5 8,5 8,5
Gross Domestic Product ($) 7,2 7,7 4,6 -1,5 1,5 2,48

Traiding Qualities

  1. Agricultural

    Agriculture is the country’s largest source of livelihood. 30% of Gross Domestic Product is from agricultural production. 85% of the population provides livelihood from agriculture. The most important part of agricultural production consists of wheat and various grains. Many of these grains are produced for domestic consumption. Among the important foreign exchange sources, nuts are coming from exports.

  2. Energy and Natural Resources

    It has rich in terms of natural resources. In particular, it has energy sources such as petroleum, natural gas and coal, as well as minerals such as gold, silver, iron, copper, clay, limestone, Marble, salt. The most important source of energy is natural gas. Most of Afghanistan’s natural gas exports go to the Soviet Union. Afghanistan is a country rich in precious and semi-precious stones. The country is also estimated to have 70 million tons of coal reserves. Especially the Emerald unearthed in ‘Panjher’ Valley is among the most important emeralds.


Economic Performance

The main economic policy in Afghanistan is based on foreign aid and foreign investment. The growth of the private sector is planned by using foreign aid and foreign investments consistently. Because the Afghan central government has no funds for the reconstruction of the country, it depends on foreign aid for the reconstruction of the country, especially the foreign aid that the United States will do. Since 2001, Afghanistan has improved its economic outlook visibly with the increase in agricultural production, with external assistance, and with rising rainfall after four years of drought. Afghanistan, one of the world’s poorest countries, grew by 9.2% between 2003 and 2012. In the following years, there was an average growth of 2%. The economy is largely dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry. Only 15% of the country’s land is arable land. In 2015, the budget allocated about $ 7.7 billion to Afghanistan’s general administrative expenses 65%, and investment expenditures 35%. Approximately 55% of general administrative expenses are salaries and wages.

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